Pantomime Horse
Joe Funk
Mick Peters

We met in 2001, at the formation of the Austin based Prog band Thirteen of Everything  Twenty years later, with a pandemic lockdown and Joe finally returning from several years in the wilderness (Florida) we put together this project to preserve what little sanity remained.

A Pantomime Horse is an English invention, to provide manageable equine presence for theatrical purposes.  It involves two persons disguised in a costume and is both comedic and poignant.  It is left to the listener to decide which of us is the arse end.

The album, as is often the case, evolved into something rather different than the original concept, (which was acousticky, Sticky, and mostly instrumental).  In particular, once we heard Abby's spine-tingling vocals on "Fragments" we quickly added lyrics to several other tracks.  We did though, stay away from drum samples, click tracks and other computerized augmentation (mostly).

It's been a lot of work, but very rewarding.  Time will tell whether this horse makes another appearance in the pantomime, but it seems quite likely.

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